Penman Collection

Our newest collection of stoves.


Vega 100
Multi fuel. 4.9kW output
78% efficiency
Available with silver or black finish legs
H 575mm x W 400mm x 355mm
(All sizes are approximate)

**Also available The Vega 100 Cleanburn, DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke controlled areas. 4.9kW output  79% efficiency **


Vega 200

Multi fuel. 8.4kW output
79% efficiency
H 595mm x W 545mm x D 360mm
(All sizes are approximately)

 ** Also available The Vega 200 Cleanburn, DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke controlled area  7.9kW output  77% efficiency **


Vega 300
Multi fuel. 13kW output
76% efficiency
Double doors
H 680mm x W 655 mm x D 415mm
(All sizes are approximate)





Vega 150 Inset

Woodburner 4.9kW Output
79% efficiency
Inset dimensions H 550mm x W 408mm x D 335mm
Fascia dimensions H 617 mm x W 545 x D 15mm
All sizes are approximate)



Vega 250 Inset

Woodburner with glass fascia
11kW output
76% efficiency
Inset dimensions H 550mm x W 648mm x D335mm
Fascia dimensions H 617mm x W 797mm x D15mm