StaggeredOysterSlateblockChamberStaggered Black Slate       Staggered Oyster Slate       Vermiculite

Block Chamber                Block Chamber               Reeded Chamber

standardBrickChamberwithfront Standard                          Standard                         Rustic Basket Weave

 Brick Chamber with          Brick Chamber              Brick Chamber     

front returns & arch

rusticBrickChamberwithfront      Rustic                                 Rustic                     Rustic Herringbone

     Brick Chamber with               Brick Chamber          Brick Chamber       

    front returns & arch




Dimensions in mm

(all sizes are approximate)

Standardbrickchamberdiagram                 Slatechamberdiagram

Standardbrickwithreturnsdiagram        Rusticbrickchamberdiagram


Choose a chamber to accompany your stove.

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