Flexible Chimney Liners

If your chimney has failed an approved smoke test, then your chimney will need lining before it can be used for gas or solid fuel. Also, if when you light your fire, you can then smell fumes in another room, this means that the mid feathers (the bricks that divide the chimneys) have deteriorated. In this case we would not need to do the test, as we know that it needs a chimney liner to be fitted before it could be used.       
We carry out chimney lining for wood stoves, multifuel stoves, open fires and gas fires. We use flexible stainless steel chimney liners, which are double skinned for solid fuel and single skinned for gas fires.
Having a chimney liner fitted by our company means that you do not need to get Building Inspector to come and inspect it, as our engineers are Heats approved, and fit to Building Regulations document J.
Below are some of the properties where we have carried out chimney linings.

Liner1 Liner5