Approved Smoke Testing

Before you have a new solid fuel appliance fitted, i.e. a multi fuel stove, you need to have your chimney tested by approved smoke test to meet the Building Regulations Document J. requirements.  This test is different from a draught test which only checks the draw of the chimney and is only suitable for gas appliances.

As a professional company, we will not fit an appliance without this test being carried out.

Our smoke test is where smoke is forced into the chimney breast to put it under pressure, the engineer will check to make sure the smoke is coming out the top of the chimney and then the chimney is sealed at the top and bottom.  The engineer will  then follow the route of the chimney through the property, including the loft area, to check if it is leaking anywhere. If smoke is escaping through the chimney into another room, the loft or into an adjoining property it has failed the test.

This means that the chimney would need to be lined before it could be used for solid fuel.

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