Birds and Nests in Chimney

Birds nest in chimneys could cause damp issues if not removed

Pictured below are a few examples of the potential problems caused by birds nesting in open topped chimney pots.

  nest_IMG_0059nest_IMG_0053 nest_IMG_0062

This nest was in an unused bedroom chimney and had to be swept through a vent in the wall,

Birds_Nest_binand produced almost 5 bin bags full of twigs.


A birds nest swept from a chimney in Arnside.

nest_Wigan_2010_04_13                  nest_Lancaster2011_04_12

This pigeon was rescued from a chimney in Wigan. 

This pigeon was sat on a nest approximately 2 metres down the chimney.


This large nest, possibly a rook or a ravens

had completely blocked the chimney


This nest was removed from a chimney in the Bolton area.


Although slightly blurred, this

picture shows a crows nest down

a chimney in the Preston area.