Bird Guards & Cowls

Sometimes birds nest in open topped chimney pots, this can cause fumes & gases from your fire to come back into the room. To prevent this from happening we can fit bird guards. We cannot fit a bird guard or cowl onto a pot unless the chimney has been recently swept by us so that we know there is a clear passage all the way through and that there are no nests or twigs in the chimney, as the cowl could further restrict the gases from escaping, resulting in fumes coming back into the room.


Capped bird net 

 (round)                                              (square)

We have a range of capped bird nets for a variety of pots & appliances. These offer some protection against rain & hailstones coming down the chimney. When asking for a capped bird net, please state whether it is for a gas or solid fuel fire, as they are different. 
Cowlconetop                      Cowlballoontop
Witches Hat              Wire Balloon
Both of these only offer protection from birds coming down the chimney & nesting.
 If you have problems with down draughts, then these cowls may be able to help.

Cowlufo_solid               Cowlufo_gas

UFO – Gas             
UFO – Solid Fuel Painted **
UFO’s – Ultimate Flue Outlet. As well as giving bird protection, they help with down draught problems, as well as helping to stop rain & hailstones from coming down the chimney.
** We would recommend stainless steel for solid fuel.
If the down draught problem is severe you may want to try the spinning cowl or the ‘H’ cowl.

Spinning Cowl

Whatever the weather, no matter how hard the wind blows, the stainless steel turbine head maintains efficient draw in the flue.  In situations where the draw on the system is insufficient, the spinning cowl will assist in generating an efficient draw on the flue.

  Cowlh_cowl‘OH’ Cowl

Designed to ensure that no matter what the wind direction or strength the flue or chimney is protected from downdraught.  As the wind passes down the top of the external parts, it creates a wind flow that exhausts the smoke and fumes out of the lower exits.

Cowls for Ventilation


Mushroom Cowl

We also fit mushroom cowls which are for chimneys that do not have an appliance in them or are blocked off at the bottom. The purpose of this cowl is to allow air to circulate, helping to prevent condensation build up which can cause damp patches on chimney breasts.

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